Why Choose EarthWay®

Using intelligent design, EarthWay spreaders are the professionals choice. Earthway Products, Inc., started in 1965, is a family owned company based in North Central Indiana. Innovators in their field, they design, engineer, and manufacture high quality lawn and garden products used by homeowners and professionals alike worldwide. The EarthWay EV-N-SPRED brand is widely recognised as a leader in broadcast spreading, and our products have been sold in the UK for more than 20 years. With a ground breaking 5 year warranty, every part is replaceable. EarthWay spreaders - advancing the practise of spreading fertilisers, chemicals and seeds accurately!

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EarthWay EV-N-SPRED Flex-Select 2013

Select from an unbeatable range of products

Liquid sprayers, mobile or pedestrian spreaders, garden products and more.

Mobile Spreaders
We produce various sized push and tow spreaders for many unique applications.

Garden Equipment
EarthWay’s 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder® is the premier single row planter, known for durability and ease of use for more than 45 years.
Mounted/12-Volt Broadcast Spreaders
The 12-volt powered line of broadcast spreaders include ATV and remote location mounted models. The 12-volt ATV line of broadcast spreaders are designed to mount to any flat horizontal surface within easy reach of the operator.

Liquid Sprayers
EarthWay’s SPRAY-PRO® line of ground-driven spray systems including the S15 Residential model and our Commercial S25

EarthWay Product Inc.

Who we are?
Earthway Products, Inc. is a SME family owned business located in Bristol, Indiana.
Our Mission
Earthway Products purpose is to design, engineer, and manufacture high quality, time saving professional equipment that exceed the requirements of the user. Our process includes providing a safe work environment and the opportunity for our employee’s personal enrichment.
Our Progress

EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED®, SPRAY-PRO®, and FLEX-SELECT® branded products are sold around the world and are acknowledged as the leader in spreader and spraying technology. Earthway holds several patents on our products and technology.

Featured Products

Each product that EarthWay manufactures goes through several quality-control reviews before being packaged for delivery to one of our dealers from around the world. EarthWay uses the combination of new robotic technology as well as time tested manufacturing methods to produce high quality products.

From design though manufacturing, each step is evaluated to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and best performance products available.

F80P Professional Adaptable Broadcast Spreader
The revolutionary EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED® FLEX-SELECT™ Interchangeable...
F80S Commercial Stainless Steel Adaptable Broadcast Spreader
The New F80S is the stainless steel chassis FLEX-SELECT™ series of...
F130 Commercial Adaptable Broadcast Spreader
For application of materials ranging from fine grass seed to coarse rock salt, the...